My name is Hasmukh Chand and I am an environmental science and policy researcher. I am passionate about the environmental issues, sustainability, climate change and environmental justice. I am also interested in developing and implementing environmental policies that are grounded in robust science.

I have a vast range of experience working for a number of different organisations. I have worked as a Science and Policy Researcher for The Wilderness Society, as a researcher at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. I have also volunteered at the Environmental Defender’s Office, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and Oxfam Australia.

Previously, I have worked for North Sydney Council (nine month study on the impacts of ecological burns on native flora) and for Ryde City Council on a short-term project looking into the management of riparian zones.

Currently, I serves as a director on the board of Beardson for Conservation and as a member on the Marrickville Cooks River Committee. I like t spend my time researching and writing about various environmental issues and has published articles with The Australian Bulletin and Taleprint.

In my spare time, I reads about environmental issues and ways to save the world and watches documentaries with a similar focus. My thirst for knowledge has allowed me to attend various conferences such as the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s World Parks Congress and seminars by Dr. David Suzuki and Dr. Jane Goodall. As keen walker and trail runner, and traveler, I am looking for opportunities to reconnect and learn from nature.



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